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We are a volunteer organization devoted to helping people of all ages appreciate the natural wonder of Sabino Canyon, a beautiful and ecologically diverse riparian area in the Sonoran Desert. SCVN currently has over 150 members. In partnership with the Santa Catalina Ranger District of Coronado National Forest, it has offered educational programs for children and adults for more than 30 years.

  School Field Trips

Bring your students on a fun, free field trip to Sabino Canyon. Trained naturalists teach your students about the desert using programs that fully comply with current Arizona Science Standards for elementary schools.


  Walks, Hikes, and Demos 

Sabino Canyon's Volunteer Naturalists offer you many ways to enjoy the beauty of this Sonoran Desert Oasis. Whether you're learning more about its plants and animals, or participating in hikes or walks, we can provide the opportunities, skilled interpreters, and information you need to make your visit memorable and enriching. 



What we do to help Sabino Canyon, and what you can do to help us do it.

Special Events

Throughout the year Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists are involved in some mighty special happenings.