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saguaroAre you passionate about environmental education? Would you like to know more about the unique desert ecology that makes Sabino Canyon such a special place? Are you interested in desert plants and wildlife, native and natural history, aquatic life and geology? 

Then join this like-minded group of trained naturalists and help us educate children about this unique riparian environment within the Sonoran Desert.

We Train You

We train a new class of naturalists each year, beginning in early October. Our 15 week program consists of a half day per week of class time, guided nature walks, and field observations. Classes are taught by local faculty and experts, and include topics like desert mammalogy, arthropods (insects), herpetology (lizards), ornithology (birds), plant biology, desert ecology, riparian ecology, local geology, the history of Sabino Canyon, and the ancient peoples who once lived here. We also offer Advanced Training opportunities to keep our members in-the-know and up to date on topics related to Sabino Canyon.

What To Expect

Once you are trained, you will be asked to give one morning a week from October thru April to teach in our elementary or kinder programs at Sabino Canyon. Using our kits and materials, you will work with children in small groups of 10 or less, presenting a short, interactive lesson and guiding them in a nature walk. children in sabino canyonChildren love these events and leave the canyon with a new appreciation of our local ecology and of the natural world. Once you have more experience, you may also lead adult nature walks or hikes, or participate in a variety of other public interpretation activities.

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